BC Game India Privacy Policy: Data Safety and User Anonymity

Small House B.V. is a privately held company with limited shares, licensed in Curaçao, Dutch Caribbean. The company is the proud owner and operator of BC Game Casino, a licensed online casino platform under No. OGL/2023/159/0076, issued by the Curaçao Gaming Control Board.

BC Game Policy Basics

At BC Game, personnel take user privacy seriously. This policy outlines how the company handles the personal information of users. It ensures that collection, usage, storage and sharing comply with relevant agreements. The company acknowledges being bound by relevant data protection laws when collecting this information. BC Game is committed to upholding best practices and legal requirements to protect your information and respect your privacy.

User Anonymity

To ensure seamless participation in the games, BC Game leverages an anonymized user profile. This profile facilitates operations directly related to your gameplay experience. The user’s information remains confidential, except in rare cases mandated by law. For specific website functionalities, some anonymized data may be shared with trusted partners who are bound by rigorous non-disclosure agreements. 

Users have the full right to inspect and rectify any personal details. Users have the option to disable cookies but be advised that doing so might significantly limit or even prevent their ability to fully utilize the functionalities of the website.

Cookies Policy

In the online casino, cookies are tiny packets of data, similar to digital notes, left on your device by the website. These packs are created by the website’s server and can be retrieved whenever you revisit.

For What Purpose Does BC Game Use Cookies?

BC Game leverages two distinct data packets to personalize a user’s experience. These packets, known as cookies, can originate from either BC Game or external sources. Internal cookies ensure a person remains logged in during a session and curate the displayed information to align with their preferences.

What Kind of Cookies Are Used on BC Game?

BC Game leverages a system of small data packets, known as unique identifier tokens, to enhance your user experience and gather valuable insights. They are called:

  • persistent identifier;
  • session timestamp;
  • referral tracker;
  • affiliate campaign identifier. 

Third-party tokens employed on BC Game subdomains are provided by:

  • Google Analytics; 
  • Zendesk;
  • Cloudflare. 

It’s important to note that specific browsers, such as Chrome on Mac devices, may maintain background processes even when no tabs are active. Consequently, session-based tokens can persist between browsing sessions in such instances.

Personal Data Protection Policy

BC Game is committed to safeguarding your data and employs a multifaceted approach to achieving this goal. The brand prioritizes customer security by implementing measures, that include encryption of data in transit and distributed denial of service (DDoS) mitigation.

Server Protection Policy

To protect the user and their data, the company uses server technologies such as: 

  • Ironclad Encryption; 
  • Multi-Layered Gatekeeping;
  • Secure Tunnels;
  • Granular Access Controls;
  • Minimal Server Exposure;
  • Proactive Monitoring;
  • Transparency in Data Breaches. 

When a data breach happens in an unlikely manner, BC Game is committed to notifying affected users promptly and adhering to the strictest GDPR.

Data International Transfer

Though the staff strives for a flawless user experience, occasional technical glitches are inevitable. If the users have problems, they need to provide data such as:

  • username; 
  • date and time of the error;
  • game ID or table name; 
  • game grid screenshot. 

In this case, BC Game may also collect additional personal data from the user, such as email address, first & last name, device IP address, browser type & version, visit timestamps & duration and more.

Deleting User Personal Data

If BC Game no longer possesses a legitimate justification to retain or utilize your personal information, you have the option to submit a request for its deletion. It’s important to acknowledge that this right is not absolute. There may be cases when BC Game is unable to fulfil your request due to legal requirements mandating data storage. To initiate the deletion process for your personal information, you can email their support team at [email protected].

Registration and Login

The minimum account age requirement is 18 years old. To ensure a seamless verification process, double-check the accuracy of your entered email address, which is important for future know-your-customer (KYC) verifications. Fortify your account’s security by enabling two-factor authentication (2FA). Explore “Google Authenticator” to get this added layer of protection. If your username or email requires modification, we recommend creating a new account after closing the existing one.